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A WhatsApp call to action that allows you to maintain control over the WhatsApp conversations that are started on your website.

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  • WhatsApp Chat Intros allows users to link a conversation to a seller or an exact listing. With this they can measure how many buyers start conversations from a listing, capture a buyer’s whatsapp name and number without needing to ask for it, monitor the response time of sellers and nudge unresponsive sellers or move leads to another seller. This protect sellers from bad actors.

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  • Measure the whatsapp conversations that are being started on your website. Block bad actors from sending you and your clients WhatsApp messages. Capture lead data without forms. Qualify leads using WhatsApp. Curate the experience for buyers and sellers.

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  • Maintain visibility and control over conversations that move off your platform and on to the world’s most popular messaging app. Make sure that agents/sellers are getting back to the leads that your marketing campaigns are generating and prevent bad actors from hassling your agents/sellers.

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Sudonum is an API-first business solving specific real-time communication use cases at platform scale. They provide a number of call related tools including Call Tracking , Number Privacy,Click-to-Call (Start a call from a website or within an app).

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