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Real estate professionals can facilitate their content with Utopia AI. Highly accurate text processing tailor-made for their business needs, without the need for NLP resources. Utopia AI can analyse images and texts in all languages. It’s quick to integrate and the AI model is ready in just a few weeks. Automate your time consuming routine work.

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  • Discussion trends – Utopia AI provides new insights behind hashtags: it’s able to detect what a new content really is in discussions. Intelligent matching – Utopia AI is able to learn from human decisions how to match a text content to another. For example, the best matching user applications and CVs can be found for a job posting. Semantic search – The user doesn’t need to give exact words to find a document. Instead, the user gives a piece of text, a description and receives all the other text which has a similar meaning to the search text.
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  • Utopia AI clusters messages, tickets, reviews or documents into groups of similar texts, using no prior knowledge about what the clusters should be. Clustering doesn’t require labeled data from human. A big picture of a large collection of text can be visualized with this approach.
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  • Utopia AI can replace routine manual work. It is highly accurate in processing and understanding the semantic meaning in high volumes of text. It works with multiple languages and understands informalities & slangs despite misspellings. Features include keyword extraction, text filtering, sentiment analysis, among others.
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Utopia Analytics has deep expertise in data, data modelling and enterprise data handling, especially as a precursor to implementing an AI service. They offer professional advice and consultancy on planning the optimal path to an AI enabled future-proof bu

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