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Their machine learning algorithms analyze millions of data points to reveal when someone in the existing prospects database is thinking of moving — before they choose an agent or lender.

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  • Revaluate – Artificial Intellegence for Real Estate provides database cleaning. It is easy to use with competitive pricing
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  • They improve their accuracy by scrubbing the database to remove duplicates, industry contacts, vendors and other email addresses that may skew results. They deliver likely mover prospects straight to the inbox, phone or CRM. Their simple interface makes it drag-and-drop easy to add, remove, or modify contacts. Revaluate has solutions for Enterprises such as Mortgage Lenders, Banks, or Brands, as well as Individual LO’s, Real Estate Agents, and Brokers. All while delivering up to 24X ROI.
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  • Revaluate is being used by some of the biggest names in the real estate and mortgage industries. Their artificial intelligence engines are helping them close more deals and improve their bottom lines.
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Revaluate leverages artificial intelligence to help mortgage and real estate companies identify people in their database who are most likely to move in as little as 48 hours.

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