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Superior security and cutting-edge technology now comes in a premium form – the igloohome smart mortise lock. Manufactured in the best factories in South Korea, it is outstanding in quality, and comes packed with smart features.

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  • Mortise allows the convenience of keyless door locks, multiple entry modes, mobile app-enabled. With this users can view access logs. This works offline.
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  • The igloohome Smart Mortise lock works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronisation. Internet not required for the lock hence increasing reliability against WiFi hacking.
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  • Track the dates and times at which visitors enter your home. Greater visibility on access brings you greater peace of mind.
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At igloohome, we strive to make lives better through the use of innovative technologies in our smart access systems. We believe what we do unlocks more freedom for you to get the most out of every moment.

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