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LOR is a Customer Engagement tool aimed at enhancing the online shopping experience, by replicating the physical word behaviors in the digital space. A comprehensive tool that includes: Real Live Tracking Video Chat Live Chat Click to Call Call Me Back Chat Transfer Duel Translator File Share

  • Pricing model
  • We offer Licenced, Pay Per Use and Customisable pricing options. We also offer a Managed Agent solution.

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  • Features
  • The patented LOR tracks the online movements of online shoppers with Real Time tracking and displays the results instantly. The engagement tool then comprises of features such as:

    • Video Chat
    • Live Chat
    • Click to Call
    • Call Me Back
    • Chat Transfer
    • Duel Translator
    • File Share

    All of these features are aimed at enhancing the user experience and allows the user to choose how they want to interact with sales agents. Contact us for a obligation free demo.

  • Existing Integrations
  • (ZAR) (UK)

    Renault Virtual (ZAR)

  • Benefits
  • LOR is aimed at replicating the physical word behaviours in the digital space. Give your online audience the same treatment as the real word shoppers.

    With the new Mobile app sales agents don't have to be bound to the old bricks and mortar store environments but can engage and sell from anywhere in the world at any time on a Apple or Android device, as well as desktop. Sales Agents can move conveniently from Desktop to Mobile and vica versa without loosing the conversation and offer a rejuvenated luxury in the digital sales environment.

    Customers can engage with your sales force in the manner most convenient for them albeit Live Chat, Video Chat or Telephone call

    Engage the online shopper in that critical decision making moment and convert sales more efficient.

  • Problem solving
  • Customers are able to engage with a real person rather than bots at anything from anywhere thought there mobile apps. All queries /question are answered during their live engagement, which enhances the online buying experience.

    We at LOR Technologies (Pty) Ltd wanted to create a mechanism that will treat buyers the same in the digital world as what you would treat any buyer in the physical world.

    “The challenge for today’s retail businesses is how one can use simple technology to solve real business problems of; namely how to make the treatment of buyers the same in digital retail environments as it is in physical retail environments (online/offline) buyers demand convenient and efficient seller engagements - the human touch of buyer seller direct engagement is still the 101 of sales as it has been since time immemorial - LOR is able to address the aforementioned challenge”

    After a few years of R&D, testing, building and re-building the LOR Technologies team finally got a product that could do that. (Developed, with a US and SA Patent issued, with an Europe patent application in submission pending)

    LOR is live, it tracks the movements of the buyers looking at your stock in the online showroom at that very moment, every movement on the dashboard is a real person looking at a stock item, and it’s instant! Hence the name Live Online Retail (LOR).

    LOR ensures that a representative is able to engage live with buyers, by announcing that they are there to assist, when the buyer is browsing online.

    LOR engages the buyer even before he/she submits a lead or fills in a form, so we prompt/influence a sales discussion before the decision is made. Imagine standing in a store and you have to wait for a sales person to assist you, the situation is frustrating - that is a standard online chat or Chat Bot vs. a sales person immediately engaging with you before you have to look around for help - that is LOR, there is no waiting periods or queues, the engagement is instant.
    The buyer has no obligation to provide any personal information unless they are ready to do so, most chats services requires a upfront registration of sorts.

    Online shopping is a 24/7 event and an instant response from an actual sales person with knowledge on the product ensures a quick conversion - LOR will even extend the retail hours of your business without the expensive overheads because it’s mobile! When the customer is engaging online a representative can sell/engage where ever they are and at any time which suits the customer.

    “LOR is a simple yet effective tech offering that helps to optimize (relevant and timeous) communication between buyers and sellers in online retail environments.”

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LOR Technologies develops customer engagement technology that helps online e-commerce business engage better with online shoppers.

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