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The iovox mobile solution handles inbound and outbound call tracking, with an unparalleled range of in-app features. Buy local phone numbers from around the world, forward calls, customize outbound caller IDs, record & transcribe your calls, take call notes, use tags, flags, search, & so much more!

  • Pricing model
  • Mobile solution and companion web app are free to download and many of the features are free to use. Users can upgrade to premium services such as Zoho CRM integration for $5/user per month.

  • Features
  • 🔥 Go Global Easily With iovox NUMBERS For Over 60 Countries In The World 

    Stay connected and in control with iovox Numbers. Use them as a second line, measure marketing performance, or forward them globally to other phone numbers or team members for handling.

    🔥 iovox CALL RULES: Route Your Important Calls Wherever They Need To Go

    Just like your email inbox, where you can create rules for emails, Call Rules are actions that take place once a call is received by your iovox Number. This dynamic and flexible tool allows you to create simple or complex call flows as required.

    🔥 Customize Outbound Caller IDs With The New iovox DIALER

    From the convenience of your computer or mobile phone, the new iovox Dialer gives you the ability to change your caller ID for outbound phone calls.

    🔥 Make Your Team’s Mobiles Powerful With The NEW iovox VIRTUAL MOBILE CALL CENTER

    Work from anywhere. If you’re working from home and sharing responsibility for answering calls for your business, we can set you or your team up with a Virtual Call Center that works with your mobile phone via our free mobile app.

    🔥 Easily RECORD & TRANSCRIBE Your Calls In The iovox App

    Effortlessly record and transcribe your calls into content you can search and share, just like email. Everything you said on an important conversation is now available at your fingertips with call transcription.

    🔥 Make Quality NOTES In The iovox App

    Never forget important details of a call. With call notes from iovox, you’ll stay on top of conversations with an instantly searchable archive of what matters. 

    🔥 A Simple Tool To Clarify The Source Of The Call- CALL WHISPERS 

    Add Call Whispers to your iovox Numbers to increase your brand awareness, empower yourself or whoever answers the call to know the source of the call instantly, and help your customers understand the value you provide them.

    🔥 TAG Calls for Simple Searching In The iovox App

    iovox Tags are labels for calls. Adding a tag to a call gives you the ability to efficiently search your call history to find specific calls or call notes with that tag. 

    🔥 FLAG Calls In The iovox App For Improved Organization

    Just like email, where you can flag a message for follow up later, iovox applies the same concept to phone calls. Flagging a call highlights it for future action.

    🔥 SEARCH Your Mobile Like Google In The Powerful iovox App

    Just like using keywords to search your email, iovox enables you to do the same with your calls. Easily search by keywords, numbers, names or tags associated with a calls notes or transcriptions.

  • Existing Integrations
  • Sync Your Zoho CRM Easily In The Iovox App. Keep your Zoho CRM account updated effortlessly by synching mobile call details, notes, comments and tags that you choose.

  • Benefits
  • Iovox helps you keep track of all your important calls, organizing your calls for searching just like email. You can add important notes to calls, view analytics of your iovox virtual numbers, set reminders and share call details with others for seamless communication and collaboration around phone calls across mobile and web. Iovox offers many free tools to help you stay connected and keep your business running from home or anywhere in the world.

    The Iovox Dialer is like a softphone for your mobile, tablet or computer, enabling you to make a call from any web browser, mobile or otherwise. When paired with an iovox Number, the powerful combination allows you to make and receive calls on a number other than your personal mobile phone, including being notified with a Call Whisper before you say hello as to whether it’s a personal or business call.

    If you share the responsibility of answering phone calls for your business, iovox’s mobile virtual call center works in conjunction with your mobile and iovox’s free app, to help you manage communications and mitigate costs.

    Iovox even helps you sync call details into your CRM. Connect iovox with Zoho’s CRM, and you won’t remember what life was like before this powerful integration. There is a mobile and web app for the iovox service which include the ability to purchase and track virtual numbers from all over the world. You can download the mobile app for free in the Google Play Store or App Store.

    Give it a try and sign up here.

  • Problem solving
  • Whether you’re a small business owner, a salesperson, attorney, or running a busy household, the iovox app helps people who spend a lot of their time on the phone. Loaded with features like call tags, call flags, transcriptions, and call notes just to name a few, we’re here to improve your experience using your mobile phone.

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    Agents Brokers
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    Lead Generation , Lead Management , Marketing

Company info

Our mission at iovox is to make data from all phone calls useful, valuable, and actionable. Trusted by leading brands and global customers in more than 30 countries, iovox delivers on its mission via call analytics, productivity and collaboration solution

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