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Interactive map of local housing stats in a sleek, intuitive, custom-made interface

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  • Display and archive all of the reports with a clean, visual interface. Public and private versions for optimizing the exposure as the source of real estate data. Customize a map or set of maps for the area to the design specifications. Incorporate custom geographies into the map like a bawse.
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  • Benefits
  • FastStats makes it easy to store and call upon all the market reports. Plus, ShowingTime will create the map for user.
  • Problem solving
  • Gone are the days of cumbersome data archives – simply locate an area on a map and select it! This interactive map allows users to access local trend reports easily with a map.
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    Market Research & Data Trends

Company info

10K works with brokerages, REALTOR® associations and MLSs to help tell the story of local real estate markets in a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand way, giving clients powerful tools to own the discussion of real estate in their own backyard.

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