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Cortex applies machine learning to all of that data. The software learns how your equipment has responded under different conditions in the past and generates real-time operating insights and direction for your engineers. Operating teams using Cortex dramatically reduce owner operating expense and improve tenant comfort.

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  • Cortex property management software provides detailed energy savings reports, improved energy star, LEED and GRESB ratings, lower utility costs – reduced environmental impact, and support with esg reporting. Lastly, it can reinforce commitment to environmental sustainability initiatives.

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  • The main key Benefits are the following:

    • Reduce Utility Expense
    • Lower Operating Expense and improve NOI
    • Increase Asset Value
    • Enhance Tenant Comfort – Fewer Space Temperature Complaints
    • Improve Energy Star, LEED and GRESB Ratings
    • Portfolio-Level Visibility Into Key Operating Metrics
    • Weekly Updates on Progress and Savings Opportunities
    • Quarterly Savings Reports Accounting for Weather and Occupancy
    • Tenant Comfort Analysis & Alerts
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  • Cortex clients consistently improve key sustainability metrics (Energy Star, LEED, GRESB). Cortex Customer Success team can help support your sustainability reporting requirements.

    Every quarter you will receive a detailed savings report quantifying exactly how much your team is saving on the platform. Cortex clients typically save 5-15% on their annual utility bill and average savings that are 5x what they pay in fees for the service.

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