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Blockbrief is a database of development sites and zoning data that alerts the to zoning changes and provides client with in-depth detail to give them a first mover advantage. Save research time and manage their risk – all available in an annual subscription.

  • Pricing model
  • Premier $75/month Premier Pro – Upon Request Premium – Upon Request
  • Features
  • Blockbrief features the following: premier users can see 3x more sites, and search, visualise, manage and share the zoning data.
  • Existing Integrations
  • Benefits
  • Benefits include but are not limited to the following: view all active listings, development site database, zoning alerts database, zone guide, and zoning search
  • Problem solving
  • Be one of the first to know when zoning changes occur within councils across Australia to get the earliest possible notice that a property is worth buying, selling or developing. Receive alerts on individual properties that have been rezoned but not sold, or that are currently advertised for sale and have development potential.
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    Market Research & Data Trends

Company info

Blockbrief is focused on surfacing, planning, zoning and development data to help real estate investors and professionals make better decisions.

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