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Shouldn't your clients be able to make offers through your website? Beagel powers your digital property sales.

  • Pricing model
  • Commission free:

    Single Office | From €100 pm

    Multi branch | From €200 pm

    Multi brand | Based on user license

  • Features
    • White label bidding application branded for your business.
    • Open API.
    • Integrates with existing systems.
    • Flat monthly fee.
    • Supports multiple sale types.
    • Supports multiple team roles.
    • No percentage charges.
    • Unlimited uploads.
    • Suitable for companies of any size.
    • Franchise group functionality.
    • Sales management.
    • Team management.
    • Live data insights.
    • Feed to your website.
    • Connect to your CRM.
    • Cloud storage.
    • Microservices framework.
  • Existing Integrations
  • Portal, CRM, Facebook, ID verification, deposit handling, Whatsapp

  • Benefits
    • Open new revenue streams.
    • increase margins,
    • Access unprecedented data
    • Deepen client relationships.
    • Sell property in less than half the time.
    • Sell property for higher price.
    • Up to 1/3 of sales fall through after being agreed.  Beagel reduces the level of sales falling through.
    • Connect remote sales team, live.
    • Keep buyers, sellers and agents updated immediately on all sales.
    • Make your business more competitive.
  • Problem solving
  • The way property is bought and sold is now digitised.  From virtual tours to online bidding, agents need new tools to stay ahead of the competition.

    Don't just tell  your clients, you're better than the competition - show them.  Transparency & speed in bidding process creates greater trust with clients.

    Real-time / instant data from Beagel offers unprecedented clarity on the live market all while connecting remote teams, instantaneously.

    • Sales prices average 4.5% in excess of asking price.
    • 90%+ completion rates.
    • Average 10 offers per property.
    • Average 45 days on market.

    In a 24-7, digital world, trust is a competitive advantage. 

  • Free version
  • Free Trial
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  • Best for
    Agents Developers Brokers
  • Categories
    Bidding Services , Listing & Data Management , Property Auction

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Sell real estate faster & for more with your own digital bidding service

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