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Imperva Attack Analytics correlates and distills thousands of security events into a few readable security narratives. The solution employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify application security event investigations, enabling IT organizations to mitigate and respond to real threats quickly and decisively.

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  • Attack Analytics leverages threat information delivered from the WAF Gateway and Cloud WAF to provide unified and contextual insights.
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  • Attack Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to distill thousands of WAF events into distinct narratives, significantly improving security operations center (SOC) efficiency by cutting down on the number of attack investigations.
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  • Attack Analytics simplifies things by providing a unified view, which allows you to monitor all security events identified by Imperva cloud-based and on-premises WAF solutions. This enables complete visibility and helps in singling out enterprise-wide attack campaigns.
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Imperva protects and provides a secure foundation for our customers’ businesses.

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