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Every customer interaction is easily captured in Aptly and seamlessly combined with necessary data from the real estate professionals’ property management software in an intuitive way that let’s you build profitable relationships and higher occupancy.

  • Pricing model
  • Starter: $25 per user monthly/ $250 per user annually Business: $40 per user monthly/ $400 per user annually Unlimited: upon request
  • Features
  • Let residents and owners communicate with the real estate professionals however they prefer. Automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions that take up valuable work time so agents can concentrate on their customers. Streamline all workflows and complete routine tasks at lightning speeds. Aptly surfaces critical customer data buried in conversations, routine workflows, and surveys that are summarized in a simple Happiness Score and actionable segments to drive higher retention.
  • Existing Integrations
  • Benefits
  • Aptly is backed by a world class prop-tech team that’s successfully built and scaled applications for the property management industry.
  • Problem solving
  • Track, record and analyze calls from ad sources or customers to coach staff, increase conversion rates, and improve customer service. Add code-free automation to reduce human error and keep processes moving.
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    Agents Developers Brokers
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    Leasing & Asset Management

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Aptly optimizes work by integrating your email and PMS with task management tools. They boast an omni-channel inbox with features that encourage both personal ownership and team collaboration.

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