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They have real estate professionals covered with their wide range of mobile apps to help them manage their business efficiently and take important decisions while on the go.

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  • Features
  • Approvals for most Vouchers and Workflows including Sales Booking, Receipts, Expenses, Contracts & Work Orders, Abstracts, Indents. Sales Booking and blocking of a unit with money. Reports including Graphs and Analysis available on line.
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  • Benefits
  • The user interface is attractive and gives a pleasure for customers to use the application. The application is fine tuned with continuous optimizations and regular updates to deliver high performance.
  • Problem solving
  • The apps are secure and data confidentiality is maintained. The apps are regularly updated and fixed to provide users with a seamless experience.
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    Deal Management

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Management Software. Its award winning ERP software – In4Suite® - is used daily by over 50,000+ users to manage complex construction activities and customer related sales transactions.

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