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Accurait is an artificial intelligence cloud-based solution used to find and extract key datapoints from lease documents.

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  • Prices are based on a per leases yearly subscription model.

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  • Accurait's artificial intelligence 'AI' cloud-based solution is an Australasian first lease reading and data extraction software. Accurait utilises machine learning algorithms developed by the CSIRO, Data 61 and LeaseInfo to find key datapoints within leases, project current and future rents and automatically set critical date reminders. Accurait compiles all the information it extracts into a highly adaptable and easy to use platform which gives you easy access to clear, precise and validated information. 

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  • Features 

    • Auto- extracts information at lightning speed
    • Fully customisable search fields and parameters
    • 2 phase authentication
    • All information is completely exportable to CSV, Excel and open API
    • Auto generated lease epitome
    • In-built source location and backlinking to the original document
    • Transforms pdfs into a searchable lease repository
    • Standardises and organises leases


    • Eliminates human error
    • Saves countless hours
    • Improves productivity
    • Highly reliably
    • Standardises Lease Portfolio
    • Unparalleled information recall
    • Makes leases easier to comprehend and interpret
    • Constantly improving due to machine learning
    • Can tailor search parameters to your needs, giving you only relevant information
  • Problem solving
  • Reading through and organising leases is an extremely time consuming, strenuous and specialised process riddled with misinterpretation and human error. Accurait solves many of the issues that have made lease management historically challenging and brings efficiency and transparency to the industry. 

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    Leasing & Asset Management

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LeaseInfo is a digital company, constantly pushing the boundaries within the Australian Leasing Sector. Our suite of unparalleled products provide our clients with data, analytics, market insights and lease portfolio management.

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